Saints Row V Teased As Deep Silver Promises ‘Exciting Things Ahead’

Deep Silver

The last major Saints Row game was released way back in 2013, and things have been a little quiet for the tongue-in-cheek open world crime game since, but the franchise is beginning to stir once more. 

Not only was Saints Row The Third recently released for Nintendo Switch, but we’ve heard that a movie based on the franchise is currently in development, with F. Gary Gray, director of The Fate Of The Furious is attached to helm the project.

Deep Silver

But while ports and movies are well and good, the fans are hungry for a brand new game. Fortunately, publisher Deep Silver recently put out an intriguing Tweet that seems to tease something is going to happen in the coming months.

The tweet, which you can see above, asks fans to subscribe to the official Saints Row YouTube channel, as it has “exciting things ahead for the Saints” that we “don’t want to miss out” on. These exciting things would seem to include announcements and new trailers.

While this doesn’t necessarily confirm that we’ll be seeing a Saints Row V announcement any time soon, the timing of this Tweet, so soon before E3 2019, certainly suggests that Deep Silver has something planned.

In August 2017, developer Volition released Agents of Mayhem, which was a new IP set in the Saints Row universe. While it certainly wasn’t a bad game, it didn’t sell terribly well – so there’s every chance Deep Silver has realised it’s probably time for a new core entry in the Saints Row franchise.

Deep Silver

As always, take this with a pinch of salt until we get any official announcements from Deep Silver, but after six long years the time must be right for a Saints Row V, surely?

As for the upcoming movie, a report by Deadline suggests that development on the project still in the early stages, but a screenplay is apparently on the way from Greg Russo, who is also currently scripting the Mortal Kombat movie reboot for Warner Bros, as well as the Resident Evil movie reboot.

Since there’s no script yet, we obviously have no idea what the film’s plot is, but I assume that the adaptation will take more from the later Saints Row Games. The first game was quite a serious affair, before subsequent entries turned up the comedy and more over the top action.

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