Samsung Take Down GTA V Mod Video Of Galaxy Note 7 Exploding



In this week’s episode of ‘it was just a joke, bro’, Samsung have been left super pissed off at a GTA V mod video on YouTube that denotes the fragile Galaxy Note 7 as a sticky bomb.

You might remember the video in question. It depicted the sticky bombs in GTA V swapped with the Note 7 skins and showed them being thrown and blowing up. You chuckled, I chuckled, everyone chuckled and then we carried on with our lives. Everyone that is, apart from Samsung.


The video apparently rustled Samsung’s jimmies something fierce, and they’ve issued a DMCA takedown on it. It’s worth remembering that everybody is well aware of the fact that the Note 7 has severe overheating issues and has been recalled because of this. What’s curious is the fact that there are still loads of videos on YouTube showing the mod. Here’s one for reference.

You can also still download the mod here and have a go with it yourself. The Note 7 has been the butt of internet jokes for the last few weeks and you can just picture the big wigs over at Samsung squirming in their chairs every time they see something like this.


Or this.


Or my personal favourite.


Exemplary misuse of the DMCA function Samsung, you stay classy out there.