Sega Wants You To Help Make Their Games Better


Bless Sega. They just want to make good games for you guys, so now they’ve started asking the fans for their help. Like a drunk crackhead sidling up to you and asking for change by the bus stop, you can’t help but regard Sega with a mixture of pity and mild revulsion.

Sega’s new survey is called Help Make Our Games Better, and is surprisingly in depth. The company want to know all about the consoles you’ve owned, your top Sega games, and your interest in mobile titles. Presumably with that last one Sega are gauging interest for another crap Sonic mobile game.

There’s also a question that asks you to describe Sega in three adjectives (how could that backfire?) and how you feel about the company as a whole.

Sega management have admitted themselves that the company has lost its way over the years. Clearly, they’re looking to get back to some kind of golden age, but I reckon they’ve dumped too much shit on us to ever warrant total trust again.

Not that I don’t want Sega to succeed – I love ’em. Hopefully they pull something spectacular out of the bag for Sonic’s 25th anniversary this year.