Silent Hill 2 Director Teases What’s Under Pyramid Head’s Helmet, Shares Concept Art


Pyramid Head, who first originated in the incredible Silent Hill 2,  is undoubtedly one of the most unsettling creatures you’ll come across in any video game.

The mannequin-loving freak is an iconic gaming villain, and his fear factor is helped no end by his unsettling cone shaped helmet. It should just look ridiculous, like a drunk with a traffic cone on his head, but it doesn’t – Pyramid Head is freaking terrifying.

As it turns out, Silent Hill 2 art director and creature designer, Masahiro Ito, has just revealed that there is… something underneath Pyramid Head’s… well, pyramid head. I always assumed the “helmet” was the creature’s actual head to be honest.

So if they pyramid itself is merely a helmet, then what’s hiding underneath? Dare we even attempt to imagine? Fortunately – and presumably in a bid to spare us all nightmares – Ito seems pretty firm that he won’t ever be answering that particular question.

Ito did go on to share a tiny, blurry piece of concept art that is apparently from a cancelled Silent Hill game from back in 2013 – a game nobody even knew was in development until now.

You can take a look at the tweet below. Presumably, this one was cancelled to make way for Kojima’s Silent Hills… before that game also got cancelled. Thanks, Konami.