Six Promising Horror Games To Look Out For In 2017



Let’s cut right to the chase, much as a serial killer would cut straight through your hand with his axe: There are some fantastic looking horror games on the way in the coming months. 

With Halloween officially being the season of spook, what better time is there to look ahead at some of the must-play games for horror fans everywhere?

Outlast 2

Anyone who played the original Outlast will know that it is not for the faint of heart, and based on what we’ve seen from the sequel so far, there are plenty more chills and thrills to come.

We’ll play as an investtive journalist trying to uncover the secrets behind the murder of a pregant woman with ties to some sort of satanic cult. Clearly, that’s only gonna end one way, but I can’t wait to go along for the ride.

You can actually play a demo for Outlast 2 right now, and I highly recommend you get on it.

Friday the 13th


Okay, so Friday the 13th is actually scheduled for release this month, and not 2017 – but it looks so fucking good that I had to give it a spot on this list.

The idea of a 1 v 4 horror game is absolute genius. One player takes control of Jason Voorhees while the rest play as your standard promiscuous teenagers in a brutal game of cat and mouse – can you avoid Jason’s barbaric executions and stay alive?

One thing is for certain – whoever plays as Jason is clearly gonna have the best time.

Resident Evil 7


Capcom is simultaneously taking Resident Evil back to its roots and trying something new with number seven, and while a few people are cautious about the first-person gameplay and stripped back action, I think it looks fantastic.

For starters, Resident Evil was never a game about gunning down zombies – you fought them as a last resort 90 percent of the time, and Resi 7 looks like it’s gonna honor that. Staying the fuck out of the way looks to be the best plan of action here.

There’s a pretty great demo currently available for PS Plus subscribers – and don’t get forget the terrifying prospect of playing the game with PlayStation VR in January.



Agony is yet another one of the new kids on the block that’s aiming to take scares and repulsion to whole new levels – going by the grisly trailer and gameplay footage, it’s looking like it’s on track to succeed in that endeavour.

You can check out the trailer below, but be forewarned that there are some pretty girsly moments – also naked people.

A first-person survival horror set in the depths of hell? Well, it’s never been done before at least. Expect this one on PS4, Xbox One, and PC at a currently unspecified time in 2017.

Hello Neighbor


Hello Neighbor may not look like a traditional horror game on the surface, but good lord it looks like it’s more than capable of bringing the scares.

See, what’s most disturbing about this little indie gem is that titular Neighbor is designed to adapt to how you play, and then use that information to fuck. you. up.

As someone who relies on the same tricks over and over again to win at stealth based games, I’ve a feeling Hello Neighbor is gonna be a bad time for me.



Scorn is one of the weirdest, most unsettling looking games I’ve ever seen – and that’s exactly what you want from a horror, right?

Just look at the gorgeous, H.R Giger-inspired trailer below. This is a first person horror game that wants to make you feel like you’re somewhere… wrong. Somewhere nobody should ever find themselves.

Scorn is set to launch in two parts, with the first coming early 2017. It’s only set for a PC release so far, but I can’t wait to step into this twisted world.