Skate 4 Could Be A Reality As “Leaked” Image Surfaces


Get your salt at the ready, because we don’t have too much to go on here other than an image. Still, if it’s legit, we may just have had confirmation that Skate 4 is on its way and ready to help us enjoy skateboarding games again.

The image comes from a listing on Australian home entertainment website JB Hi-Fi. Apparently the post was quickly taken down, but luckily someone managed to grab a picture on their phone before that happened.

Fans have been waiting for a new Skate from EA ever since Skate 3 rolled into our lives back in 2010. After all, it’s not like we can count on the Tony Hawks series anymore, because Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 was a hot pile of steaming shit (and that’s being kind).

Personally, I call bullshit on this. As much as I’d love a new Skate game, this just screams fake. The “cover” for the game looks pretty poor – so either this is a fake, or EA need to hire themselves a new team of designers.

Also, why would you take a picture on your phone when you could take a screenshot on your PC? Seems fishier than a Friday night at Wetherspoons.