Skyrim Remaster ‘Dragonborn’ Bundle Comes With Cool Extras


The remastered version of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes out next month, and the predictable bundle package has reared its head. 

Retailer Best Buy has unveiled a version of the remaster that comes with a Dovahkiin mask. Not an awesome helmet, as you would expect, but a flimsy piece of cloth.

3135658-skyrimBest Buy

It’s kind of shit, to be entirely honest. But, the ‘Dragonborn’ bundle does come with a physical copy of the game in a steelbook, which is pretty awesome. I love a good steelbook, I do.

The only question you guys need to ask yourselves is; is a steelbook and mask that no sane human would ever wear really worth the $75 Best Buy are asking for?

If you’ve got the money to spare, you could do worse. I guess with a little bit of work you could even fashion the mask into a unique pair of Skyrim underpants, if that’s your thing.

Of course, since the bundle is exclusive to Best Buy, those outside the US don’t really need to trouble themselves with making such a tough decision.

Skyrim: Special Edition was announced during E3 2016, and comes with revamped graphics and all previous DLC included.

PC and Xbox One versions can also enjoy mod support – Bethesda is currently looking into alternatives for PlayStation 4 mods, since Sony is being a square.

You’ll be able to head back to Skyrim when the game launches on October 28. If you do buy the mask, please never wear it outside.