Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Has 24 Minutes Of Beautiful Gameplay Footage

by : Mark Foster on : 22 Jul 2015 20:08

The guys at CI Games have uploaded 24 minutes of gameplay footage taken from its Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 demo at E3, and there’s much more to it than just nailing headshots.

Like its balls-to-the-wall cousin Sniper Elite, Ghost Warrior is all about tactical espionage. In the footage, we see the player finding their way towards a well guarded Russian general with a view to taking him out.


As a US sniper (who else)  you must destroy the Russian military hierarchy one well placed bullet at a time to protect NATO’s interests and generally make the world a less Russian place. Ooh Rah.

If you’re a fan of stealth and tact, then this may well be worth a look. Using drones and finding safe passages through minefields all looks suitably hairy, and there’s something pretty satisfying about traversing a map completely undetected.

Speaking of the map, each mission will be completely open world so there’s plenty of room to royally bugger it up and run away like a big girl. Throw in an enhanced crafting systems for weapons and gear and Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is starting to look pretty tasty. If you missed the first two Ghost Snipers (like I did) then 3 could be a pretty good place to get stuck in.


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