Solo Rainbow Six Player Plays As Entire Team And Wins

by : Ewan Moore on : 17 Jun 2019 10:11
Solo Rainbow Six Player Plays As Entire Team And WinsSolo Rainbow Six Player Plays As Entire Team And WinsUbisoft

“There’s no I in team”, as every assistant manager from here to Portsmouth will likely tell you during a team building exercise about trust, or company culture, or something else that makes you want to tear your own eyes out.


Fortunately, nobody seems to have relayed this tired message to the Rainbow Six Siege player who not only found a way to play as every player on an entire team in rounds by himself – but also managed to win…. occasionally.

Basically Homeless took to YouTube to reveal just how he completed this ridiculous feat. In the video, which you can see above, we learn that all your really need to do to play team games in Rainbow Six Siege by yourself is get five PCs with separate Siege accounts. Easy. After the that, the final few steps are even simpler.

Once you’ve picked up five PCs that can all run Siege on separate accounts (again, easy) simply hook up your mouse and keyboard to a switcher, and…. attempt to keep your cool as you control an entire team through intense tactical FPS action at once.


Our fearless player revealed that the best way to win with his newfound team wasn’t to try and find victory with all of his characters at once, but to focus on one at a time. He’d treat each death as a respawn before focusing in on a different character, using information that he’d learned in the previous life – such as enemy location – to continually hit the enemy hard and fast.

I don’t see Basically Homeless taking this technique to any Esports competitions any time soon (although I’d love to see the uproar if he did), but it’s still a fun video regardless that shows us that even team-based games like Rainbow Six Siege offers ways to play if you really can’t stand other people.

In other, slightly less weird Rainbow Six Siege news, Ubisoft recently spoke about how the company is discussing the best way to bring the game over to next-gen consoles. As it stands, Ubi is looking at ways to “migrate” the player base, or else find some way of making the next-gen version cheaper for people who already owned the game on current-gen consoles.

As long as I can use five PlayStation 5 consoles to make my own team, I’ll be happy.

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