Some Heroes Have Recreated The Shire From The Lord Of The Rings In Minecraft


If JRR Tolkien were alive today, I’m sure he’d be pretty chuffed with the massive effort that’s been poured into this recreation of The Shire.

It’s taken 25 dedicated builders nearly a year to painstakingly make this 1:58 scale map of The Shire, and it’s time well spent. Far from just featuring Bilbo and Frodo’s home Bag End, this undertaking shows the whole of The Shire. Bywater Lane, Sackville, Woodhall, Stock, Whitewell, Farmer Maggot’s farmyard, Greenfields, and more all feature.

Historical accuracy was at the forefront, and the source material was Tolkien’s own drawing of the area. For the full gallery, check out the original imgur post, but some of the highlights can be seen below.

Bag End
Bywater Pool
Whitwell, Pippin's home
Birds-Eye view of The Shire