Somebody Already Has Horizon Zero Dawn, This Is What They’ve Been Saying


Excited for Horizon Zero Dawn? Well, one lucky NeoGAF user has reportedly managed to bag a copy ahead of its release in a few weeks.

Musician655321 posted in a Horizon Zero Dawn spoilers thread, so don’t go clicking that there link unless you want some proper meaty spoilers.

What we’re here to tell you, is what one of the first people to have played the open world RPG thinks of it. No story spoilers then, but if you’re looking to go in completely fresh, then maybe don’t go scroll past this trailer…

Still here? Okay. So, our lucky gamer seems to be really impressed with what he’s seen so far. He reports that the ‘game is gorgeous so far and the music is fantastic’, and notes the framerate has been ‘fine’ with no dips, which is always good.

He also praises the game as a whole, describing it as a ‘big mix of everything, but with a new coat of paint’.

Our hero goes on to draw comparisons to a number of AAA releases, noting ‘light platforming, like Uncharted’, a hunting system not unlike Tomb Raider, and a stealth system like the Arkham games.

You can read his full thoughts in the images below:

Horizon Zero Dawn launches March 1 in Europe – do your best to stay away from spoilers till then – unless that’s your thing, in which case, go wild.