Sonic The Hedgehog Live Action Movie Designs Leaked

by : Mark Foster on : 05 Mar 2019 09:23
Sonic Live RemakeSonic Live RemakeSEGA/Paramount Pictures/Hamagami/Carroll Inc.

A recent leak online has given us our first glimpse of what Sonic The Hedgehog will probably look like in his upcoming live-action movie, and it sure is… interesting.

The images come from the agency Hamagami/Carroll Inc. who specialise in art and branding for the entertainment industry.


On their portfolio page, a few now-removed images have shown what appear to be the blue blur in all his CGI rendered glory and it makes for… I want to say uncomfortable viewing?

Take a look below:

Sonic Live Action RemakeSonic Live Action RemakeSEGA/Paramount Pictures/Hamagami/Carroll Inc.

Sonic Live action remakeSonic Live action remake


I mean it’s not that it looks inherently bad or anything, his face actually looks fine, but his body is distractingly muscular and humanoid.

Up until now, we’ve only been given two official glimpses at what Sonic looks like in the movie.

One was a silhouette of his entire body, so you could only see the outline of the character, and one in first person
of his super shredded legs sitting atop a bridge.


The images above (from the live action remake), are dated March 2019, and haven’t been officially confirmed as Sonic’s look by Sega or Paramount Pictures, but you’ve got to admit, it looks pretty convincingly real.

At any rate, we won’t know anything concrete until the aforementioned parties pipe up, probably with a trailer before the movie’s release in November 2019.

To finish, here’s something I only just learned recently, and I feel like an absolute idiot for not getting it sooner.

You know Tails, Sonic’s fox-like companion? His name is Miles Prower. As in Miles per hour. Mind blown.


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