Sony Announce The Free Games Coming To Playstation Plus In December


Just hours after Microsoft announced what would be coming to Deals With Gold next month, Sony have released their own list of games coming to the Playstation Plus in December.

Sony made the announcement through the Playstation Blog, with December’s freebies including some pretty big titles. Here’s what fans can look forward to playing.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Blood Dragon is an expansion for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3, and is set in a cybernetic, neon drenched alternate reality. The game serves as a standalone title, meaning you don’t have to own or have even played Far Cry 3 in order to enjoy this one.

Freedom Wars (PS Vita)

Freedom Wars is a third-person action RPG that pits you against massive mechanised infantry in a dystopian future (a theme is emerging) where humans are forced to live underground.

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition

Top-down, hack-and-slash dungeon crawling is the order of the day in Gauntlet: Slayer Edition. Initially released on Steam, the game was later brought over to the PS4 so console users could enjoy the baddie-slaying madness.

King’s Quest – Chapter 1: A Knight To Remember

Based on the classic 80s King’s Quest point-and-click game, this latest iteration is an episodic look at the adventures and mishaps of main character Graham. There are going to be at least five episodes in the series, with A Knight To Remember being the first.

Rocketbird: Hardboiled Chicken (PS Vita)

Rocketbird is what you’d get if you mixed Rambo with Chicken Run. An adventure game about a militaristic, badass chicken attempting to kill an evil Penguin dictator. Because what else would it be about?


Snowboarding is the name of the game in this one, as you tackle a variety of real locations attempting to rack up the points and perform gnarly tricks.