Sony Employee Sends Woman Awesome Gifts After Hitting Her With A Golf Ball

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An anonymous Sony employee has made amends in incredible fashion after accidentally hitting a young woman with a golf ball during the Sony Open in Oahu, Hawaii.

Redditor shakasandchakras revealed a few weeks back that she was all set to work at the then upcoming Sony Open. She was, by all accounts, pretty excited about it.


Unfortunately, just three days later she shared a new post captioned: “Please yell “FORE” BEFORE it hits somebody……” along with a pretty nasty pic of herself in hospital nursing a very sore looking head wound.

She explained in a comment below her initial post:

Was supposed to caddy for the Sony Open Pro Am today. I was walking to the bathroom, heard someone tee off, and then it hit. Then they yelled Fore… then laughed.


A golf ball nearly killing a woman definitely isn’t cause for laughter in the slightest, so this would obviously be a pretty sorry story if we left it here. Fortunately, there’s a little more to the tale.

shakasandchakras soon delivered an update on Reddit, posting an image of an outstanding gift box from the anonymous Sony employee responsible for the rogue golf ball.

This package of delights contained a PS4 Pro, a premium wireless headset, an additional controller, and a number of games including Detroit: Become Human, Horizon Zero Dawn and Marvel’s Spider-Man.


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Most importantly though, the package also included a lengthy handwritten apology. This note gave a reason the for the aforementioned laughter, explaining that it wasn’t a reaction to shakasandchakras getting hit at all.

It read:

Once i got back with people at the tournament I was told they didn’t realize it hit me until word spread. It hit the bathroom, bounced off and hit me, then bounce back onto the fairway. So their laughing was about it hitting the bathroom then somehow coming back on the course.

A number of other, rather more cynical Redditors have commented claiming that the gift box is essentially a bribe to stop the Sony worker getting the pants sued off them, though shakasandchakras pointed out that she signed a waiver before stepping onto the course, meaning she couldn’t sue if she wanted to.

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Sometimes people just do good things for the right reasons. It’s a shocking concept, I know… but it might just catch on one day.

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