Sony Shifting First Party Development Focus To PlayStation 5, Insider Says


An industry insider has stated that they believe Sony are now focussing their first party development studios on the as yet unannounced PlayStation 5.

The news comes to us from a fellow named Daniel Ahmed on gaming forum ResetEra, who also said that Sony still have a couple of unannounced games still to come for the PS4, and that these will fall under existing IPs.


‘But who is this geeza and why should he be taken seriously?’ I hear you bellow cynically. Well, Mr. Ahmed has previously correctly predicted a number of things, including the fact that PUBG would be coming to the PS4 in December 2018.

Apparently, PS5 devkits are already out in the wild and are receiving positive feedback. Sadly there’s no actual time frame yet on when Sony might be thinking about releasing the beast to consumers, but they have confirmed that work on it has begun.

On top of this, he also said  Sony are looking to invest heavily in their PSN service and “expanding the services ecosystem around the PlayStation brand.”

This corroborates with previous reports that Sony are looking to turn PSN into an entertainment medium that will include music and films under their licence.


Overall, the future seems bright for Sony, who despite opting out of appearing at this year’s E3, clearly have things moving and shaking behind the scenes.

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