Sony To Launch Competitive Gaming Platform ‘Playstation Plus League’ On PS4


A French website has recently gone online for the as-yet unannounced Playstation Plus League, though its thought Sony will confirm the eSports platform at its Paris Game Week.

The website seems to suggest that dedicated online gaming leagues will be set up for games like Rocket League, Mortal Kombat X, FIFA 16, Project CARS, Street Fighter V and Battlefield Hardline for the Playstation 4.


The competitive leagues will be available to anybody with a Playstation Plus account, and will kick off this week in collaboration with Sony’s Paris Game Week. Championships will occur throughout the year across several different seasons and divisions, allowing people to play competitively from their own homes.


What’s really interesting here though, is that real money will be up for grabs for high performing players – the Project CARS website suggests that the top 32 players will receive a monthly payout. Some tournaments will be completely free to enter, while others will carry an entrance fee and player caps.

Playstation Plus League is expected to be officially announced by Sony some time this week.