Soul Calibur VI’s Character Creator Has Thrown Up Some Genuine Horrors


You might have seen by now that the (rather excellentSoul Calibur VI has its very own character creation tool, and the internet is doing what it does best: coming up with some truly horrifying abominations. 

It helps that the character creation tool in the new fighter is actually ridiculously detailed, allowing users to modify existing characters, or choose from 16 basic races that range from human, to lizard, to mummy, to skeleton.

With a little tweaking, you can give characters butts for heads, or even giant… erm… appendages. Where the internet has gotten really freaky though, is in the creation of twisted funhouse mirror versions of beloved pop culture icons.

You can head to r/SoulCaliburCreations for the full range of horrors, but I thought I’d highlight some of my favourite pieces of nightmare fuel right here. Let’s start with Jynx, already a terrifying Pokemon – now a hideous she-demon, thanks to PatBeefy.


Who would have expected Marge Simpson to take to the Stage of History in this gripping tale of souls and swords? Not me, but LFreeze has made it happen. Thanks for that.


Obviously, there’s a Pickle Rick. Of course there is. Props to SmilingFlounder.


Thanks to BigFastCal for creating a Kirby/Link hybrid. I didn’t want to sleep. Like, ever again.


Heeeeer’s Homer, by CatchingZzzzs.


What time is it? Adventure Time, with Finn the Human and SmilingFlounder. 


I used to like Pikmin. I don’t after this horrifying effort from Dangatopreto.


Finally, we have the only version of Sonic that I would have expected the internet to create in game like Soul Calibur VI. Big thanks to Vagabond Melody on Twitter for bringing this one into the world.

Vagabond Melody

Have you come across any frightening creations during your time with Soul Calibur VI? Better yet, are you responsible for creating any abominations? Do let us know, because I’m clearly never sleeping again at this point so I might as well go straight down the rabbit hole.