Soulja Boy Has Released Yet Another Illegal Games Console

Soulja Boy handheld

Nothing can keep Soulja Boy down. Despite the fact his last line of consoles mysteriously disappeared late last year (likely due to legal action from Nintendo), the rapper is back with another knockoff, clearly designed to test the patience of industry bigwigs. 

His latest release is eerily reminiscent of the ill-fated PlayStation Vita, Sony’s last handheld console.

Clearly he learned nothing after having to remove a handheld which basically ripped off the Game Boy’s design from sale, because this new model is another flagrant ripoff.

Check it out below:

Soulja Boy handheld

The new device is basically the same as his last handheld, only redesigned to look like a Vita with some slightly different specs.

DualShockers report the console is packing a mighty screen resolution of 480×272. Truly, the future is now.

Other features apparently include being able to connect to a TV to watch films and play games, a built-in calculator, a camera, and ‘exquisite craftsmanship’. Quite the package, I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you fancy picking one of these bad boys up before Nintendo inevitably tags in Sony for a round of legal drama, they’re currently available on Soulja Boy’s site for the reasonable price of $99.99, marked down from $200.

Soulja Boy handheld

If handheld gaming isn’t your thing, it looks like Soulja Boy is also gearing up to launch yet another home console.

The Soulja Game comes pre-loaded with 800 ‘classic’ roms from the PS1, SNES, GBA, and more, and you get two PS3 style controllers packaged with the device. It’s like he’s baiting the lawyers, I swear.

I can’t say for certain these roms are illegal of course, but if they are, it won’t be long till the latest Soulja Game console ‘mysteriously’ disappears from sale.

Soulja Boy home

Even if Soulja Boy is forced out of the video game console manufacturing business (which seems incredibly likely), he still continues to offer a range of non-gaming related products, such as the SouljaPad and the SouljaPod.

Apple are probably fine with those existing, right?

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