Soulja Boy Is Starting An Apex Legends Esports Team

EA/Soulja Boy/Twitter

Soulja Boy continues to have designs on the video game industry. Following a wave of dodgy consoles that opened him up to all manner of legal trouble, it seems the rapper is now keenly eyeing up Apex Legends and the battle royale’s potential in the esports realm.

A recent tweet from the artist behind such hits as Crank That and Beef reveals that Soulja is currently getting into Respawn’s new battle royale in a big way, inviting fellow Xbox gamers to add him, as he’s recruiting for an esports team.

I mean, there is a chance he’s joking about the esports thing… but given the Soulja Boy consoles were all deadly serious I honestly have no idea when he’s joking at this point.

There’s also the fact that in late 2018, Soulja announced he intended to start his own esports franchise for games like CS:GO, Super Smash Bros, and Overwatch, inspired by Ninja and his successes on Twitch.

While we haven’t heard much regarding Soulja’s plans for esports domination since then, it would seem like the hype around Apex Legends has reawakened his passion to create a franchise. Who knows, add him on Xbox and you could find yourself recruited to his ranks.

If nothing else, it seems fairly obvious that Soulja is serious about breaking into the video game industry in some shape or form, and if he’s genuinely passionate about funding/founding/participating in an esports team then more power to him.


It’ll certainly keep him out of the kind of trouble he’ll inevitably run into if he continues to flog consoles loaded with dodgy roms, at any rate.