Soulja Boy Reveals How Many Bootleg Games Consoles He’s Sold


The bizarre saga of Soulja Boy and his quest to join the console war continues as the rapper has now revealed just how many of these… unique consoles he’s actually managed to shift. 

For those who might be new to this story, allow me to quickly catch you up. Soulja Boy has been selling a number of his own “branded” consoles, that are basically emulators loaded up with illegal roms of games from the likes of Nintendo, Sony, and Sega.

I’m genuinely shocked he hasn’t been sued yet, although there are rumblings Nintendo has already been in touch with him about one console that is literally just a Game Boy.

Even more incredibly, a number of these devices are being sold for insane prices. Soulja Boy is asking for over $300 for certain consoles, and that’s down from a standard price of $639.98 – far more than the PS4 or Xbox One cost, even at launch.

Given that the whole thing is so bizarre, you might be wondering exactly how many consoles the artist has actually managed to sell. 24 hours after the “launch” of his first console, he claimed he’d made $250,000.

He then went on to claim in a since-deleted tweet that he’s sold over 5 million game consoles since he started out in December. For context, the Xbox 360 and PS3 managed around 5 million each in their first year, so I very much doubt that Soulja has managed 5 million in his first month.

If what Soulja Boy is saying is true, then he should definitely have more than enough money to fight the inevitable wave of lawsuits that are headed his way in the new year. Good luck to him.