Soulja Boys Claims His Next Console Will Have Fortnite, Epic Swiftly Denies

Epic Games/Soulja Watch

Soulja Boy’s fascinating foray into the video game console business has essentially been little more than one outlandish claim and knock off console after the other.

The rapper’s latest comments show this story is far from being over, which is a shame since I’m getting kind of bored about writing about him. In an interview with Everyday StruggleSoulja suggested that his next console will have Fortnite on it.

Now, you could be forgiven for approaching this claim with a degree of scepticism. After all, Soulja’s previous consoles have been little more than repackaged emulators loaded with suspicious ROMs of classic games that almost certainly weren’t officially licensed, especially if the reports of Nintendo suing Soulja and forcing him to remove his last wave of consoles from sale are to be believed.

Clearly wracked with their own suspicions, DualShockers reached out to Fortnite developer Epic Games to see if their ultra popular battle royale would indeed be gracing Soulja Boy’s next console. Predictably, Epic don’t have any idea what the rapper is on about.

A spokesperson said; ‘No, you can’t play Fortnite on a rooted or jailbroken device due to anti-cheat measures’, which very much seems to put a dampener on Soulja’s plans.

Soulja’s latest console is a handheld device that looks suspiciously like a PlayStation Vita. It boasts a screen resolution of 480×272, while other features include the ability to connect to a TV to watch films and play games, a built-in calculator, a camera, and ‘exquisite craftsmanship’.

Soulja Watch

His next home console will be The Soulja Game, which comes pre-loaded with 800 ‘classic’ roms from the PS1, SNES, GBA, and more, and you get two PS3 style controllers packaged with the device.

Unfortunately, it looks like Fortnite will not be one of the 800 games. Maybe next time.