Speedrunner Beats Outlast In 10 Minutes While Blindfolded

Red Barrel Studios

A speedrunner has absolutely blasted through first-person survival horror Outlast in a little over 10 minutes.

Incredibly, he managed to do this while blindfolded which, to be fair, is how I tend to play Outlast anyway. I’ve a frail soul and a weak will.

The appropriately-named AcrohTheBeast donned a blindfold and dominated the game in an impressive 10 minutes and 24 seconds, which puts him in the top 100 Outlast speedrunners in the world- a prestigious club, I’ve no doubt.

Red Barrel Studios

If you’re wondering, first place is a tiny bit over 9 minutes, and I don’t think that one was attempted with a blindfold. If Acroh kept at it I reckon he’d be in with a real shot at getting the world record, which would be insane for someone who isn’t using his peepers.

As it stands, Acroh also sits at 22nd overall in terms of un-blindfolded attempts, so the dude clearly knows what he’s doing in Outlast.

You can check out the full blindfold run just below:

Attempting speedruns while blindfolded seems to be something of a hobby for certain gamers. A year or so back, Japanese pro player Hup Chapter managed to blast through the SNES classic Super Mario World in under 20 minutes without the use of his eyes.

I genuinely can’t imagine being so good at a game that I have to blindfold myself just to try and get a challenge, but these guys are clearly more than mortal.

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