Spider-Man Final DLC Trailer And Costumes Revealed


Insomniac Games has released a trailer for the final instalment of their three part DLC saga in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and have shared the last three suits we’ll be getting. 

The conclusion to this expansion trilogy sees Silver Sable return as Spider-Man closes in on Hammerhead and looks to put an end to the gang war once and for all. Check it out below.

Insomniac teases:

Silver Sable has stormed back to reclaim her stolen Sable International tech. With New York Police Chief Yuri Watanabe on administrative leave following her exploits against Hammerhead, Spider-Man will have to rely on unlikely allies to keep Marvel’s New York safe.

As with the first two parts of this DLC, expect new missions, challenges, enemies, and three more Spidey suits – although this final batch might leave some disappointed.

As you can see below, we have a gorgeous suit inspired by the recently released Into The Spider-Verse animated feature, a Cyborg Spider-Man suit (which is all kinds of ugly), and a shiny Aaron Aikman variant.

A lot of fans have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment that the suit from the original Sam Raimi trilogy never made it into the game. Insomniac’s response is measured and reasonable, which is sure to go down well with those who are now furious that one cool costume isn’t a game full of cool costumes.

Spider-Man: Silver Lining will be available to download and play on December 21, and will be our final adventure with this version of Peter Parker… for now, at least.