Spider-Man PS4 Update Perfectly Trolls Angry Gamers


Spider-Man is unquestionably one of the finest superhero games of all time, but you may recall a certain controversy just before launch regarding puddles, of all things. 

“Puddlegate” – as it was known – was another fine example of the internet working itself into a fine tizzy over something pointless.

In this instance, it was when Reddit users noticed that Spider-Man had less puddles in a recent screenshot than it had previously, leading many to believe the game had undergone an intolerable graphical downgrade.

Developer Insomniac responded by claiming the puddles had not been decreased, and the game had not undergone any kind of graphical downgrade. This wasn’t enough for many though, and the controversy raged on, as controversies so often do.

That is, until the game actually came out and people saw that Spider-Man was a gorgeous, heartfelt thrill ride packed with detail and made with love. Even if you did believe the visuals had taken a knock (which they hadn’t), after playing the game, you couldn’t deny it was still fantastic.

Many seemed to agree, what with Spider-Man breaking all kinds of sales records for Sony in its first three days on the shelves, and all.

Insomniac has now decided to call back to this ridiculous puddle based fuss in their most recent update. The brilliant Photo Mode for Spider-Man has received a ton of new filters and stickers for us to play with – most notably one sticker that lets you add as many puddles to the game as you like.

So there you go, angry gamers of the internet. You wanted more puddles – knock yourselves out.

The new update isn’t all about trolling players though. We’ve also finally got a New Game + mode which lets us start the game again with all our skills, suits, and gear – but increased difficulty.

Then there’s an entirely new and extra challenging “Ultimate” difficulty mode, which is sure to tax even the most seasoned of spidery men.