Spotify Launches New Gaming Category, Here’s What It Involves


The music streaming behemoth Spotify has launched a new gaming category – something they’ve needed to do for a long time (at least in my lame opinion). 

Spotify Gaming can be found under genres, and includes a number of cool curated playlists full of great tracks to game to – check out  Power Gaming, RetroWave, and Top Gaming Tracks.


But while playlists to game to are all well and good, what’s really got me (and should get any nerd worth his/her salt) excited is the absolute treasure trove of original videogame soundtracks that have now been uploaded to Spotify.

In addition to excellent recent soundtracks such as Fallout 4 and No Man’s Sky, you can also go back and listen to the likes of Undertale and The Last of Us – two very different but genuinely fucking great examples of music in videogames.

Oh, and I have to mention the Uncharted soundtrack, if only because ‘Nate’s Theme’ is seriously one of the best pieces of music ever.

Spotify spoke of the variety of songs in a recent blog post:

Whether you’re jumping down tubes as an Italian plumber, battling hordes of evil enemies or playing Barcelona at the Camp Nou, we got you covered with the perfect soundtrack.

Gaming personalities such as Day[9] and Sneaky Zebra currently have their own curated playlists for you to check out, while there are more on the way.


Hopefully Spotify can soon strike a deal with SEGA to get the Sonic Adventure soundtracks up. I hate to love that sweet n’ cheesy 90’s pop metal.