Square Enix Confirm First Games To Be Released On Upcoming Nintendo NX


Nintendo might be playing hard ball when it comes to information on their brand new console, but Square Enix don’t seem to give a good goddamn, announcing two titles for the machine.

Dragon Quest XI was unveiled in a press conference by developers Square Enix this morning and confirmed to be coming to a certain elusive console, alongside a couple of other platforms. The game will also be released on Playstation 4 and Nintendo 3DS, but no word on whether it will run on the Xbox One. Dragon Quest X has also been confirmed to be coming to the console.

With Dragon Quest XI being announced to run on the Unreal Engine 4, we now know that the Nintendo NX will be able to cope with current-gen graphics at least. The Japanese company have been notoriously tight lipped about the project through fear that Microsoft and Sony might steal their ideas.

Nintendo are reportedly planning to begin production of the NX some time between May and June 2016, with a probable launch time of July 2016. It will serve as the successor to the ill-performing Wii U, and Nintendo will hope it can slingshot them forward as a genuine contender in the console race.

Check out the footage from the conference below, but maybe watch it with the sound off if you don’t speak Japanese…