Square Enix Working On A New RPG Called ‘Last Idea’


Square Enix, the company behind iconic RPG franchises like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts, has just filed a trademark for a possible new series. 

What is this bold potential new Square Enix franchise called, I hear you ask? Let me just check my notes…

“Last Idea.”

Um… okay then. Great name for a mobile Final Fantasy knockoff. Probably not such a great name for a potential future tentpole franchise.

Square Enix

Square Enix recently filed the trademark for Last Idea, and around the same time that the trademark became publicly available, a Twitter account with the handle LASTIDEA_RPG surfaced in Japan, prompting most of us to assume that it will indeed be a new RPG franchise.

It’s worth noting that the Twitter account has yet to post anything, and it hasn’t been confirmed if it is actually Square behind the account, but its appearance so soon after the trademark seems fairly suspect.

Following the huge success of Square’s retro-style JRPG Octopath Traveller, it makes sense that the company would be looking to pump more money into developing original RPG franchises.

It was also recently confirmed the Square-owned Luminous Studios would be ditching its work on the Final Fantasy 15 DLC to begin development on an unannounced AAA title. Could this be Last Idea?

Square Enix

At this stage it’s impossible to say with any certainty, but RPG fans will want to keep an eye on Last Idea in the coming weeks in case something official is announced soon.