Star Wars Battlefront 2 ‘Did Not Go As Planned’ EA Finally Admit


Over one year after release EA has finally admitted what I think we all already knew; The launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 was a bit of a mess. 

You might remember the PR nightmare that arose back in November 2017 when, after EA assured players that they’d learned their lesson after the criticisms levelled against the 2016 Battlefront and its microtransactions, they proceeded to put out a sequel that was even worse for it.

The controversy around the game’s loot boxes was so great that EA’s defence of the pay-to-win nature of Battlefront 2 made history by becoming the most down-voted Reddit comment of all time, and even got governments around the world to sit up and actually look into the legality and ethics of microtransactions.


EA has been unusually candid in a new post on its website, in which the publisher looks back at the last year of Star Wars Battlefront 2, discussing the highs, lows, and lower lows of the past 365 days.

The publisher explained:

However, the launch did not go as planned. With the understandable frustration around progression in the game, a decision to change the initial Crate system was made. A large part of the team was put on the task to fix the game’s economy and progression. This new system was implemented in March – one without random progression and where everything is unlockable through gameplay.

It’s not much, but it is an acknowledgement that EA could (and should) have done much better. Still, they reason they did a pretty good job of improving the game over the course of 2018, implementing smaller, more frequent updates and pulling back slightly from the microtransactions.


All of this hasn’t stopped EA from looking ahead to 2019. In their post, they reveal that we’ll be getting the likes of Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker as playable characters, as well as new modes and more Clone Trooper appearances.