Star Wars Battlefront 3 Fan Project Still On Track


Life is full of missed opportunities that break your heart, of things that might have been, ones that got away. Star Wars Battlefront 3 is one such thing. 

In case you aren’t aware (though you probably are, you seem pretty smart), 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront from DICE is actually the third Battlefront game, and is absolutely nothing like the (widely beloved) first two titles in the series, which left a lot of fans cold. Colder than Hoth, you feel?

Some industrious fans from Russia-based modding team Frontwire Studios have decided to take matters into their own hands. They aim to create a “proper” Battlefront 3, and appease those prickly fans.

Frontwire Studios today hosted a new livestream where they talked more about their attempts to revive the game as part of an ambitious PC project called “Galaxy in Turmoil.”

The developers shared a ton of new info on the project, including some work-in-progress images and clarification over a few things. They made it clear that Galaxy in Turmoil will be a free game when it is released (whenever that may be).


The team, good folks that they are, feel like fans deserved to get Star Wars Battlefront 3 years ago before Disney, cancellations, and a whole mess of development problems.

Also, if they aren’t making money from it there’s less chance Disney will come tear it away from us. Of course, Frontwire did say that if Disney asked, they would end the project immediately.

You can take a look at the stream below for all kinds of new info. The project runs on Unreal Engine 4, all classic Battlefront game modes will be available, while Frontwire is even creating a new mode designed around competitive play.

Watch live video from Frontwire_Studios on

Frontwire will be releasing another video on May 4 (Star Wars day, geddit?) to further hype up Battlefront 3, although it kind of sells itself if you ask me.