Star Wars Battlefront Announcement Teased With Picture Of Hoth


Stay frosty guys, it seems that Electronic Arts are preparing to announce some big news regarding Star Wars Battlefront, the online shoot ’em up that was released back in November. 

EA posted a cheeky tweet telling players to prepare for a “cold front” on Tuesday, January 26 (that’s today, in case you weren’t sure). Along with the tweet, was a photo of our chums Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (sat atop a Tauntaun) on the icy planet Hoth.

So, what does this mean? We’re pretty confident that the signs point to a new batch of post game content. Especially considering we’re meant to be getting a January update, and there’s less than a week left of January. Maybe it’s a mode in which we have to remorselessly slash open a Tauntaun and climb inside in order to survive? We can dream.

Then again, it could be the reward that EA promised players who managed to complete the special Holiday Challenge, wherein you were expected to collectively play as Han or Luke for 500,000 hours. The photo attached to the tweet certainly lends credence to this theory.

Whatever the announcement turns out to be, we’re definitely going to be getting some more content very soon, just in case you were bored of shooting Stormtroopers in the face yet.

We’ve already had the free Battle of Jakku update – inspired by The Force Awakens – and in addition to at least four paid expansion packs, DICE will be offering players free maps and additional Star Cards further down the line. We’ve yet to hear an official word on what exactly any of this DLC will be, but maybe today is that day.