Star Wars Battlefront Beta Is Free To Everyone And Includes Offline Play


EA Star Wars
EA must have heard the millions of voices crying out in terror about Star Wars Battlefront not having a single player campaign, because they’ve replied swiftly with a cache of good news about the spacey shooter.

In the EA Star Wars blog, Community Manager Matthew Everett confirms just how free the beta will be (very free) and just how many of us get to play it (pretty much everyone.)

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Though we still don’t know the exact date of the beta, we do know what it will include – ‘Walker Assault’ on Hoth, ‘Drop Zone’ on Sullust, online and couch co-op with Survival Mission ‘Stranded on Tatooine’, and presumably a jolly good cuddle from EA to say soz for the whole no campaign business.

Everett also answers some of fans questions/greatest fears/nightmares about the game, confirming that AI bots will fight alongside you and your team, sidearms will be usable and that vehicles will not be customisable due to some authenticity mumbo jumbo.

Star Wars Battlefront will be out on November 20 in Europe on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via Origin.