Star Wars: Battlefront ‘Fighter Squadron’ Gameplay Trailer


After yesterday’s teaser, EA Star Wars have given us a full gameplay trailer for new mode ‘Fighter Squadron’ and honestly? It’s everything we’d hoped for.

Fighter Squadron will be a 10 vs 10 dogfight featuring all the iconic ships from the Star Wars universe. Battles can either be fought in first person or third person views, and players will be joined by 20 additional AI fighters to make the action more intense.

A desperate aerial struggle takes place beneath a looming Imperial Star Destroyer. Rebel fighters engage in a close quarters battle with Imperial Tie Fighters, as they attempt to destroy an Imperial shuttle making its escape.

Enter stage left – the Millennium Falcon to save the day.

The trailer also shows off one of the new maps – Sullust. A rocky, lava covered planet that’s home to the Sullustians (the fish looking guys from the other trailers and Lando’s Falcon co-pilot in Jedi) Star Wars: Battlefront will be released on November 17th this year. Also, check out the Gamescom conference reveal below the trailer.