Star Wars Battlefront Looks Even More Phenomenal With Visual Mods


If you’ve been enjoying a few rounds on Star Wars Battlefront thinking how good the graphics are, then prepare to have your socks well and truly blown off.

New stills of Star Wars Battlefront have been posted on Imgur by amateur coder MartinBergman, showing just how amazing the game can look with a bit of graphical tweaking.

Using the Toddyhancer visual mod, Bergman has somehow managed to make the game look damn near realistic.

Unfortunately, the mod does come with the downside – draining 30-40fps from the framerate, which a pretty high trade-in.

The Toddyhancer mod isn’t yet available for public use, though Bergman does state that he plans to release this version soon. A similar build was used to create the very beautiful GTA V mod some months back which you can see in motion here.

Check out the full gallery here for more beautiful screenshots.