Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Confirmed, Will Tie In To New Movies


EA did tell us earlier this year that multiple Star Wars Battlefront sequels were in the works. True to their word, we now have official confirmation of Battlefront 2: Battlefronter. 

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said during one of those super exciting earnings calls that a Battlefront sequel will have “bigger and better worlds.” Standard sequel stuff, then. Unfortunately, he kept quiet on the possibility of those long awaited space battles.


He also added that the new game will make use of content from “the new movies,” though he didn’t specify which. I can only hope that he’s referring to The Force Awakens or spinoffs like Rogue One.

I mean, nobody considers the prequel trilogy as “the new movies” any more, right? Right?!

Of course, the first Battlefront only featured content from the original Star Wars trilogy, meaning we could play as all our favourite characters: Luke, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Bobba Fett, and Nien Nunb – dear old Nien Nunb.

The fact that EA are making a sequel is hardly a surprise. Despite some horrifically poor Season Pass content, and the fact that the game lives in the shadow of the original Battlefront titles, it certainly had its moments. It’s a fucking gorgeous game too, whatever else you think of it.

Although I suspect the main reason behind moving ahead with a sequel is the fact that the game has shipped 14 million copies. Why follow your heart when you can follow your wallet?


Jorgensen also revealed EA’s plans to release one new Star Wars game every year for the next three to four years. The Battlefront sequel will apparently come out “next year”.

It’s unclear if he was referring to calendar year 2017 or EA’s next fiscal year, but considering the news was delivered at an earnings call, I’d plump for the latter.

Meanwhile, Disney plans to release a new Star Wars movie every year through to at least 2019. Is it a good time to be a Star Wars fan, or are we about to learn the hard way that quality is often better than quantity?