Star Wars Battlefront Story Mode Requested By Force Awakens Actor

by : Ewan Moore on : 03 Mar 2016 10:57

John Boyega just gets it. The British actor – who played Finn the Stormtrooper turned Rebel in The Force Awakens – has called EA out on the lack of a traditional campaign in Star Wars Battlefront.


Turns out Boyega is a big fan of the Battlefront franchise (so just the first two games, then?). He recently asked EA on Twitter about a full offline story mode.

Our boy Boyega has a point. If you’ve never played Battlefront before, getting mercilessly gunned down online by better players would probably put you off the action pretty quickly. EA responded by asking if Boyega had played the offline missions.

But we all know that the mission mode in Star Wars Battlefront just doesn’t cut the mustard, and Boyega was quick to respond. He even managed to set himself up with a trip to EA’s base in the UK.


EA soon got back to him with a saucy confirmation of “it’s a date”. Here’s hoping that if/when John goes to visit EA, he manages to sweet talk them into giving us a large scale cinematic campaign mode for Battlefront. It’s unlikely bordering on impossible at this point, but dreamers gotta dream.

Ewan Moore

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