Star Wars Battlefront Will Be Free By The End Of The Year



Star Wars Battlefront will be making its way to Xbox One for free sometime soon, by way of the EA Access Vault.

The FPS set in a galaxy far, far away joins the ever growing list of cheeky bonus games you get for being a subscriber to the EA Access program.

Of course, you’ll probably still have to pay for Battlefront’s numerous DLC expansions unless EA decides to make them available for free too – which I doubt.

Also joining the Vault are EA Sports UFC 2 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The former is a game about punching and kicking the people, while the latter is a game about running and jumping – as well as punching and kicking people.

That’s an oversimplification of course – they’re both great games in their own right, and certainly worth your time if you’ve already got access to the Vault.

Star Wars Battlefront is still the best of the new bunch though. It has its problems (mostly by not being anything like the Battlefront we knew), but it’s a gorgeous game with a real, authentic Star Wars feel to it.

It might not be worth jumping to get an EA Access subscription just for this one game, but it certainly makes the Vault an increasingly attractive prospect, joining the likes of Battlefield 4, Dead Space, and Titanfall.