Star Wars Battlefront’s New DLC Finally Introduces Space Battles


Praise be to the almighty Force, we finally have space battles in Star Wars Battlefront‘s new piece of DLC.

While it’s admittedly not the large scale space battle-royale players were hoping for when the game originally launched, you can now actually have battles in space. So that’s something, right?

The Death Star expansion brings with it 5 new maps, the Battle Station mode, an assortment of new Star Cards and weapons as well as playable heroes Chewbacca and Bossk. There’s also a new patch that fixes some of the game’s bugs and the level cap has been raised from 70 to 90. You can read up on all that here.

The Battle Station mode is a three-stage attack. The first stage has you attacking or defending a Star Destroyer in X-Wings or TIE Fighters. The second phase is a rescue mission aboard the Death Star, where rebels have to save R2-D2 and imperials naturally have to stop them. The third and final stage of the attack has you attempting to blow up the Death Star (or save it) in a trench run. This is particularly cool as the game picks three random rebels who will attempt to make the run while everyone else protects them.

All in all, its promising from EA and DICE, but might come a little too late to attract any new players. There’s one more piece of planned DLC in the form of  Rogue One: Scarif which will tie in with the upcoming film.