Star Wars Looks Absolutely Stunning On Unreal Engine 4



What if there was a Star Wars game built with Unreal Engine 4? That’s the question imgur user kikaTK has both asked and answered. 

Unsurprisingly, the answer is that it looks pretty fucking good. There are a slew of Star Wars games coming from EA in the next few years of course, but it never hurts to dream about more.

To that end, take a look through the following images and imagine the kind of Star Wars game you want in Unreal Engine 4. Knights of the Old Republic III? A Rogue Squadron remake? There are no wrong answers, my friend.

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Of course, there was a Star Wars fan project that ran on Unreal Engine 4. It was intended as the ‘real’ Battlefront 3but was unfortunately shut down by the combined legal might of Lucasfilm and EA.

Ah well, we still have DICE’s Battlefront games. They might not be what we want, but they at least look very pretty – that’s something… right?

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To see the rest of these glorious UE4 images, just head over to the imgur gallery and weep over what might have been.