Star Wars: Republic Commando Had Two Awesome Ideas For A Sequel


Star Wars: Republic Commando never got a sequel – something that breaks the hearts of fans to this day. However, we can finally find some closure, as the game’s lead dev has revealed the two contending pitches for the (ultimately doomed) sequel. 

Both storylines would have been set in roughly the same time period, just after Revenge of the Sith, but they couldn’t be more different thematically.

Brett Douville, lead developer on Republic Commando said:

There were two competing stories that were being pitched, one being developed by Tim Longo and one by lead level designer Kevin Schmitt. In one, you would have played the side story of Revenge of the Sith and carried out Order 66, hunting down Jedi as a team. In the other, Sev would have been the first man in the Rebellion army — the tagline was something like, “Every Rebellion begins with a single soldier.”

Personally, I would have loved the chance to carry out order 66 and go through a series of increasingly difficult fights with Jedi – that’s a fucking great pitch for a game.

Of course, neither story saw the light of day. Douville shed some light on why that happened: LucasArts decided on a company-wide reboot, so most of the developers who worked on the original game bailed. Apparently, they never even had a chance to pitch the game to executives.

Still, Disney brought back Battlefront (albeit in a very different form). Surely the concept of hunting down and killing all the Jedi is way too good an idea to be ignored for long?