Steam 2018 Sale Dates Leaked, Including Upcoming Halloween Discounts


Tis the season to be spooky, tra la la la laaaa, la la laaa la. As is often the way, Steam will be celebrating Halloween with one of its famous sales – and it seems most of the sale dates for the rest of the year have leaked, too. 

There’s no details on what any of these sales will include, but you can be certain that the Halloween one will focus on horror games, while the Winter sale will just do its usual thing of throwing out tons of ridiculous discounts, coaxing us all into buying games we’ll never get around to playing.

The Steam Halloween Sale begins October 29 at 6pm (BST), according to Skr Skr GVNG on Twitter, who claims to pulled the information straight out of Steam’s back-end. Gross. This sale will run until November 1, and apparently even includes a few movies.

Movies are basically games but not as good, if you weren’t aware.

Following this, you can expect the Steam Autumn Sale to kick off at 6pm (BST) on November 21, before concluding on November 27.

Finally, the festive Steam Winter Sale will run from December 20 at 6pm (BST) before finishing January 3 (2019, obviously), so you can ring in the new year with a fat stack of games you probably didn’t really want in the first place.

Are you excited for the rest of 2018’s Steam sales? Are there any massive games you’ve been waiting to buy?

Personally, I think it’s always a great excuse to mop up any of the interesting indie titles I might have missed earlier in the year – but you do whatever works for you, my friends.