Steam’s Lunar Sale Is Live Now, With Some Huge Deals

Valve/Paramount Pictures

You’re probably only just recovering from the excesses of the festive season, but Gabe Newell is already coming down the street once again, rattling his old tin can and flashing his ridiculous bargains. 

That’s right kids, Steam is back with the Lunar New Year Sale, and there are more savings than you can shake my empty wallet at. The sale is to run between 4-11 February 2019, and it actually celebrates the Chinese New Year in a fun way.


For a start, you can get £5 off your first purchase over £30, which is dangerous enough in itself. You’ll also be able to get special tokens from purchases, which you can use to grab special (and limited) Year of the Pig themed cosmetics, including badges, profile backgrounds, and emoticons.

£1 equates to 127 tokens. A single emoticon would cost you 100 tokens, so by the time you’re done ravaging the sale, you should have enough tokens to pick up some cool stuff.

“But what of the games?”, I hear you cry. Well, while there are a few less deals to be had than in previous years, there are still some heavy discounts knocking about. The bizarre prison survival game SCUM is 25% off and available for £11.61, while the excellent Life is Strange 2 can be picked up for a little over £3.

Tekken 7 is a measly £17.49, and both Sniper Elite 4 and Dark Souls 3 are less than a tenner. There’s even a section dedicated to games by Chinese developers, so games like Weapon Shop Fantasy and Planet Explorers are a steal right now.


Valve has also announced that it’ll be declaring the winners of its 2018 Steam Awards on February 8 at 6pm UK time, so be sure not to miss that.