Steam’s Thanksgiving ‘Exploration’ Sale Is Going Big On Star Wars


If DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront isn’t your cup of tea, Valve are offering some pretty great deals on other Star Wars games to get you in the mood for The Force Awakens.

Ahh the Steam sale. Where gamers go to live and wallets go to die. But we send our hard earned money there gladly because the games on sale are numerous, and the discounts are large.

Steam’s 2015 Thanksgiving sale is no different it would seem, with a heavy emphasis on exploration games, including a healthy amount of Star Wars.


You can pick up Pandemic’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 for a measly £2.09 if you’re not a fan of DICE’s Battlefront, and can even play online by installing GameRanger. You can also pick up the brilliant KOTOR 1 & 2, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy all for just £2.09.

This Is Ozone

Star Wars isn’t the only thing on sale though, as you can also Civilization 5, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Ark and Witcher 3 all at massively discounted prices. It should be noted that this time around, Steam won’t not have flash or daily sales, with pricing staying consistent throughout.

The Steam Thanksgiving sale is on right now, and will finish on December 1 (Tuesday.)