Steve Irwin Narrating Monster Hunter World Footage Is Glorious


The internet is a place of great division and turmoil, but the one subject everyone seems to agree on is that the late, great Steve Irwin was one of the finest human beings ever to have walked this Earth. 

I mean, you all saw what happened when PETA tried to criticise the dude a few weeks ago. Irwin’s love and respect for nature was infectious, and he inspired generations to fall in love with animals of all shapes and sizes.

That’s not to mention all the work Irwin did for conservation while he was alive, and that his two kids have carried on his substantial legacy with aplomb. Basically, shut yer noise PETA.

Rant aside, a new and decidedly strange tribute to the TV personality has emerged online. YouTuber Vinnie Paizan has uploaded a glorious video of Irwin “narrating” footage of Capcom’s popular adventure RPG Monster Hunter World.

For those that might not be aware, Monster Hunter World is primarily a game about taking down various fantastical beasts, but it’s never for no reason. The game does actually have a message of conservation and ecological responsibility at its heart.

The more astute among you will probably have realised that Monster Hunter World released in 2017 and Irwin died in 2006, so how is this miraculous video possible?

Easy, Vinnie Paizan has wisely used some archival soundbites of Irwin and perfectly lined them up to work alongside the Monster Hunter World footage. Check it out below.

Truly, I can’t think of a greater tribute for a great man, and I like to think he would have been well into the Monster Hunter games if he’d  ever gotten a chance to play them.