Street Fighter V Steps It Up With The Reveal Of New Ken Design


Street Fighter aficionados will be well aware that Street Fighter V is gearing up for release on Playstation next March and developers Capcom have decided to get people excited by teasing some new character skins. First up – Ken.

Recognisable by his luscious blonde hair and red gi, Ken is a staple of the Street Fighter series having hadoukened and shoryukened his way into players hearts since day one. This newly released trailer shows Ken wearing his gi around his waist with a black v-neck t-shirt, and his hair tied into a bun. He’s fashionable is our Ken.

We also get to see what some of Ken’s moves will look like in the game as he beats seven shades of shit out of his opponent, in what looks like a London train station. By performing character specific V-Skill techniques (in Ken’s case a quick step forward that allows him to chain together combos) players can fill the special move meter more rapidly for a seizure inducing finale.

The trailer also offers a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hint at the next character to get a promo, and it looks like it could be E Honda. Here’s E Hoping.