Studio Responsible For Metal Gear Online Has Been Closed By Konami


Reports are beginning to emerge that Konami have shut down the Konami Los Angeles studio responsible for making Metal Gear Online, taking around 20 jobs with it.

News began to roll in over night that the studio had been shut down with various sources, including developers, on twitter corroborating the story.

Eurogamer state that they’ve apparently been in touch with sources close to the studio, and confirm the news to be true.


The studio was opened by Konami in 2013 as an extension of Kojima Productions to help with the online portion of Metal Gear Solid 5. At its peak, the studio employed around 50-60 people, though that number has steadily fallen.

Metal Gear Online was recently transferred over to Konami’s Japanese studios, while the LA team provided support. Launching on October 6th, Metal Gear Online has received a number of patches and updates since then.

Konami are yet to make an announcement on the closure.