Study Finds Xbox Players Are ‘Better’ At Gaming Than PS4 Or PC Owners

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Tech company LG recently teamed up with video game publisher Activision to find out once and for all which gamers are the ‘best’: PC, PS4, or Xbox. 

The study, launched to promote Call of Duty Black Ops 4, utilised LG’s Elite Reaction Test, with participants asked to click on targets as quickly as they could in a bid to determine player accuracy.

Over 1,400 people were asked to take part in the test.


According to LG, the study found Xbox players are ‘better’ at video games than those who favour PC and PS4, with PC gamers coming dead last – i’m sure that will go down well with them.

The study found, on average, Xbox players hit 78 per cent of the targets, PS4 players managed 74 per cent, and PC got 70 per cent.

It’s worth noting, while PC players struggled with accuracy, they did react fastest to the targets – though I’m not sure that’s worth much if their speed didn’t actually equate to accuracy?

Having looked at the ‘test’ myself, I can’t really speak for its viability. After all, the test first invites you to confirm your platform of preference, meaning people could have lied about what platform they use.

There’s also the very strong chance LG didn’t end up with an even split of gamers across platforms, which would obviously throw the scores out of whack.

Of course, the test really seems to be more of a marketing gimmick than an actual scientific endeavour, especially given the fact LG marketing manager David Hall, shared the results in a press release along with a plug for the company’s new range of 4K HDR gaming TVs .

For now, it seems the console war is destined to rage on. At least until PS4, Xbox, and PC gamers can come together for a massive deathmatch on Rust to settle the score once and for all.

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