Surprise Far Cry Game Announced, With Serious Fallout Vibes


Surprise! Last night Ubisoft decided to announce a brand new Far Cry game in a moody teaser video that seems to imply the game will have a decidedly post-apocalyptic vibe. 

Before we go any further, I should note that the rest of this article will contain spoilers for Far Cry 5, so if you’ve yet to enjoy that particular anarchic thrill ride, don’t read beyond the new trailer.

You’ve been warned, friends.

Okay, so we’ll learn more at The Game Awards tonight, but the existing trailer strongly implies that new game will directly follow the events of Far Cry 5‘s divisive ending, in which the world (or at least Montana) was apparently engulfed in nuclear fire. Very Fallout.

The teaser definitely implies that this is indeed a return to Hope Valley, given we see a farmhouse surrounded by some mountains – very reminiscent of Far Cry 5.

Soon enough, a nuclear bomb goes off in the distance. The narrator of the trailer then talks about a “new world”, before a mysterious character picks up a very Mad Max looking buzzsaw crossbow thing.


It’s currently unclear whether this will be a spinoff in the vein of Far Cry Primal and Blood Dragon, or if this will be the full fat Far Cry 6 experience.

Either way, I’m absolutely down for playing a Far Cry game set in a nuclear wasteland, and I can’t wait to hear more at The Game Awards, which you can watch at 1:30am (UK time) on December 7.