Swapping Quiet For Ocelot In MGS 5 Makes For Some Interesting Scenes


Hideo Kojima is a very strange man, but not even he could have seen this PC mod coming.

Quiet the sniper is a complicated character. She has one foot in the super-hot-badass-sniper camp, and one in the obvious-awkward-gratuitous-nudity camp. Hideo Kojima has even offered up hap-hazard explanations as to why she wears so little clothing. Apparently, it’s to do with her being a plant and photosynthesising or something. Yeah.

One plucky YouTuber by the name of MikeKob has turned some of Quiet’s most sexy/cringey scenes on their head though, by swapping her character model with that of Revolver Ocelot. Needless to say shit gets weird.

Watching the scenes with Ocelot and Snake sheds a whole new light on their bromance, as they frolic in the rain before pausing for a fleeting embrace. Don’t even get me started on his cat-like stretching…

One of the main criticisms of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has been that the story makes absolutely no goddamn sense. Well now it makes even less sense. Or more. I can’t quite get over what I’ve just seen.