Take Our Gen II Pokemon Quiz And Prove You’re A Master


Pokemon. Some people say that these days there are far too many of ’em. Whether they’re right or wrong is not a conversation for today, but I think we can all agree there was a more manageable amount back in the days of Gold and Silver. 

For many a wide-eyed trainer with dreams of catching ’em all, the gen II games remain the strongest in the franchise, and are generally held up as damn fine video games.

With that in mind, we’ve shamelessly pilfered the “Who’s That Pokemon?” shctick from the original animated series and injected it with a bunch of gen II Pokemon – how many can you name?

If you enjoyed this quiz, why not try out our original gen I quiz, and this rather charming general ‘mon quiz. Or don’t. I’m really not here to tell you how to live your life.