Tamagotchis Are Making A Comeback

by : UNILAD on : 27 May 2019 08:07
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‘Let’s see how you do with your Tamagotchi before we start thinking about a dog…’ was the line my parents fed me in the mid 90s, and something I’d wager a lot of other kids heard too.


The handheld virtual pet was the first foray into responsibility for many a 90s kid, well brace yourself gen alpha, because it is your turn.

Yep, Tamagtochis are back, 23 years on since Bandai’s original 1996 invention.

The Japanese company behind the virtual pet launched an ‘original’ version of the toy in 2017 to mark their 20th anniversary, and as reported by Wired, a new incarnation has been launched for 2019.


A quick visit to our online overlords – I mean marketplace – Amazon, and it becomes clear, there is a lot of choice and the price for the ‘original’ could be worse too.

Priced on the site in the UK at between £18.88 – £26.99 the original Tamagotchi has stayed true to the old adage, ‘it really is cheaper than allowing your child to neglect and kill a living, breathing, pet’.

However the latest Tamagotchi will set you back, as per Wired, closer to £48 – retailing at $59.99 in the US. Suddenly a hamster isn’t looking so bad, but remember the hamster needs actual physical care, and your child can’t just reset when they inevitably take a misstep.

Life for a Tamagotchi has improved greatly since the dark, colourless egg screens of the late 90s, however, reflecting where the added cost is going. The digital pets are able to go on playdates with others, and they can also get married now – in colour – fancy that?

For busy periods you can also send your digital mate to a ‘Tama hotel’ for 10 Gatchi points an hour – there they’ll keep it alive and well for you until you start taking your responsibilities seriously again.

Ah, sweet nostalgia.


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